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Xbox One Pre-order Terms and Conditions.

1. By Purchasing this “Pre-Order” You are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

2. You can only purchase 1 Pre-Order per Customer. Any duplicate orders may be cancelled.

3. By purchasing this pre-order, You are reserving an Xbox One console but this is not guaranteed for Day 1. We will send You a unique Discount Code worth £20, which You will need to use to complete the purchase of an Xbox One when they go on sale on the Asda Direct Web Site. Customers using their unique pre-order discount code will be sent their Xbox One first and before other regular orders. You will need to keep this code safe until You need to use it. The code can only be used online on the Asda Direct web site.

4. The release date of the Xbox One is 22nd November 2013. Asda make no Guarantees that this is correct or will not change and Asda shall not be held responsible if Microsoft change or delay the release date of the Xbox One in the UK and or limit stock. Microsoft have announced that the expected RRP of the Xbox One will be £429, Asda will confirm the Asda Retail Price once we have received official pricing communication from Microsoft.

5. When the Release Date is announced by Microsoft and the retail price confirmed, Asda will communicate this to You by email. Asda will inform You of the date by which You will need to go on-line and complete your purchase of an Xbox One using the £20 Discount Code we sent to You.

6. Asda will fulfill all orders for an Xbox One where a Discount Code has been used first. This will be on a first come first served basis. Asda will fulfill all orders on this basis as stock becomes available from Microsoft. If stock is in short supply Asda will fulfill the order as soon as it has stock on this first come first served basis.

7. If You choose not to use your Discount Code to purchase an Xbox One from Asda Direct by the date we’ve informed You of, the Discount Code will be cancelled and you will be refunded your £20.

8. The Code can only be used once and can only be used at

9. Either of us has the right to cancel this order and You shall receive a refund from Asda for this order.

10. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.