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Garden Calendar - February


Very often the coldest month of the year, February can also include rain and milder spells that will encourage the growth of plants and your own outdoor activity. Take your mind off the cold weather and look forward to sunnier times with a spot of seed sowing in your shed or greenhouse!


Start work in your Garden!

Plant - Peas, Salad Onions, Raspberries.

  • As we are getting ever closer to planting out, spend some time adding any fertiliser, compost and mulch to your soil to prepare for seedlings and bulbs.
  • Some summer harvest vegetables such as peas and salad onions can be sown.
  • Potato tubers can be allowed to sprout and then planted. Potatoes grow quite happily in large pots or sacks placed on a sunny patio or balcony. Set the tubers out in egg boxes or the bottom of a seed tray and keep them somewhere in good light that is cool and frost-free.
  • Keep dead-heading winter pansies and feed occasionally with plant Food when the weather is mild.

Top Tip

Snowdrops will be blooming if we get mild weather in February. Remember to divide any overcrowded clumps immediately after flowering has finished as the bulbs move much better when the plant is in leaf.