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Removal of Old Appliance and Installation of Washing Machines & Dishwashers

Service Charges

  Named Day Delivery £14.95 and Service
Removal of an Old Appliance £21.95
Installation of a Dishwasher or Washing Machine £26.90
Removal of an Old Appliance and Installation of a Dishwasher or Washing Machine £33.90

To use these services please make sure that:

Removal of Old Appliance

Before collection

  • The item is dry and doesn't contain any water.
  • All fittings and attachments are not hanging from the machine
  • There are no sharp edges exposed

Installation of Washing Machines & Dishwashers

We can only connect dishwashers and washing machines if:

  • The location is big enough
  • The old appliance is disconnected
  • All fittings, plumbing and electrical sockets are within 1 metre

The installation service includes

  • Connecting the item to an existing water supply, waste outlet and power point
  • Levelling the appliance
  • Testing the item (where applicable)
  • Removal and recycling of all packaging

Please note

Before placing your order please ensure that there is access for your delivery to take place, any obstructions are cleared and that fragile items (ornaments etc) removed to a safe place. It also would be prudent to cover the floors where access will take place.

We can't replace, or move existing fittings. If we can't connect your appliance, because you haven't met one of the conditions above, we will be unable to refund your delivery and connection charges

Once we've installed your item, we'll ask you to sign the delivery note. Signing the delivery note means you've checked the item and you're happy it's in perfect condition. Please make sure you don't sign the delivery note until you're 100% happy with the appearance of the item.

Please note this doesn't affect your statutory rights.