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  • Baby Size Guide
    • Baby Height Weight (lbs) Weight (kgs)
      Premature Baby   Up to 3lb Up to 1.5kg
      Premature Baby   Up to 4lb Up to 1.8kg
      Premature Baby   Up to 5lb Up to 2.5kg
      Tiny Baby 50cm
      20 in
      up to 6lbs 2.7kg
      First Size 56cm
      22 in
      up to 9lbs 4.1kg
      0-3 Months 56-62cm
      22-24 in
      up to 12lbs 5.5kg
      3-6 Months 62-68cm up to 18lbs 8kg
      6-9 Months 68-74cm up to 21lbs 9.5kg
      9-12 Months 74-80cm up to 24lbs 11kg
      12-18 Months/1-1½ Years 80-86cm - -
      18-24 Months/1½-2 Years 86-92cm - -
  • Dual Size Guide
    • Baby Dual Sizes Weight (lbs) Weight (kgs)
      0-6 Months up to 18lbs 8kg
      6-12 Months up to 24lbs 11kg