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Colour in the kitchen is definitely back this season
and a few brightly coloured glass tumblers and
jugs can bring a plain kitchen to life

kitchen kitchen kitchen

Meal–times are much more fun when you add a little colour to your kitchen.
A mug here, a tea towel there. It's very easy. We particularly love the new
colourful oven-to-tableware (above) – full of the joys of spring – and a
yellow frying pan will improve your fried eggs no end!

Watch our styling video for ideas on
how to make dinnerware look extra special.


The kitchen is the perfect place to reveal your personality, not just
in your cooking but in the way you accessorise. So think potting
shed chic – allotments, herbs, flowers, butterflies, earthy colours;
nature in the heart of the home, all done with a sense of fun.