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Wine Atlas

Our experts have travelled the globe on a quest for exciting new wines - let them guide you on a journey of discovery ...

Read what the wine experts have said about Asda's Wine Atlas range

To find far-flung wines for under £10, you need only travel to a certain supermarket

With the launch of its Wine Atlas set of 17 globetrotters, Asda has delivered an impressive range of cheaper wines that both taste and look good enough for any stylish party."

Susy Atkins, Stella

Asda la vista

The sight of the Wine Atlas labels was a promising start…but what about the liquid inside? The 2013 Wine Atlas Saint-Chinian headed up a trio of colourful southern French reds...Wine Atlas Feteasca Regala ... is a joyfully zingy, fresh apple and pear Romanian white ... the 2013 Wine Atlas marzemino ... a genuine north Italian discovery."

Anthony Rose, Independent Magazine

New Discoveries from Asda - Wine Atlas Range

This range is fun; it's not pompous, it's not too serious ... they offer astonishingly good value for money. Well done to Asda for bringing a sense of colour, fun and discovery to the shelves."

Angela Mount, Wines Direct

  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Chile
  • Romania
  • Hungary

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  • Wine Atlas Touraine Sauvignon 2014

    Light yellow in colour. Delicate nose with aromas of citrus fruits. Rounded mouth and refreshing. Great persistency and aromatic.

    Product ID: 006-753346

    Price: £6.18
  • Wine Atlas Bobal 2014

    Medium robe with a deep red and purple rim. An intense red fruits fragrance in the nose with a predominance of strawberry. A fl...

    Product ID: 006-752926

    Price: £5.18
  • Wine Atlas Fetasca Regala 2016

    Floral nose with hints of elderflower and citrus. Full of fresh fruit flavour, apricot, lime with a hint of honey. Crisp and fr...

    Product ID: 006-753934

    Price: £5.08
  • Wine Atlas Frappato 2014

    A cherry coloured Frappato, fruit driven in style with red berries fruits aromas. Lively in the palate with elegant and silky t...

    Product ID: 006-753115

    Price: £5.48
  • Wine Atlas Corbieres 2014

    Red, tapenade and spice. The palate is equally typical with great character, a generous structure and flavors of black olives...

    Product ID: 006-753311

    Price: £6.18

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products


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