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Valentine's Day

Valentine's day can be stressful, especially if you've been caught out with no booking, no present and worst of all - no plan. Time to get your mission boots on and pull together that perfect day. Here’s a selection of low-cost ideas to help you:

Valentine's day falls on a Monday this year, why not start with a Valentine's breakfast. Surprise them with their favourite cooked or Mediterranean breakfast, plus champagne or bucks fizz, plus a morning massage and a single red rose. Embellish to taste.

Having V-day on a weekend makes a perfect opportunity to do something romantic together. It doesn't have to be expensive. Take them to your favourite place, park - or a winter walk along the beach. Or how about a cold-weather picnic? Pack sleeping bags and some umbrellas, a flask full of something warming, and a hamper with flowers. Go somewhere green and by water - or to where you first met - lay out a rug and get cosy together.

Show them how much you care by tailoring the day to their personal tastes and your personal history. Make an occasion with a few romantic gestures - sing them their favourite song, learn some cocktails and set up bar in your kitchen,decorate your house and bedroom with heart shapes, candles and photos of your favourite memories, learn a romantic poem and recite it to them over candle-lit dinner - or better yet write your own listing the things that make the special to you.

Essential and inexpensive. Try to find out her favourites - or a single red rose is always well received. It's easy to buy them but you could get her heart racing by picking them from an obliging field or garden.

Expensive presents are great, of course. We have a huge range of gadgets for him and gifts for her that would suit the occasion - but take the effort to find out what they want first (or better, what they never knew they wanted). Think about their passions, life story and hobbies. You know them best - they'll tell you what they want, if you listen carefully. And if you get stuck you can always ask their friends for help.

If you're short on time or money there is no substitute for something personal and romantic. You could write them a set of coupons for them to claim whenever they want - a back massage, foot rubs, household chores, baby-sitting, a cooked dinner... we're sure you can think of others. Alternatively, write and sign a resolution about your relationship - promise to tell them you love them every day, or never to go to sleep angry with each other, or to wake them each day with a kiss and a smile. Frame a photograph of both of you together. Bake some biscuits or flapjacks and cut them into hearts. Whatever you choose, a little effort and some good intentions go a long way

Wine & Dine your partner at home.Buy some easy-to-make but expensive ingredients – mussels, oysters, quality steak and chocolate covered strawberries are all a great aphrodisiac. Throw in a cheese course and some extra trimmings. Buy a cracking bottle or red. Select mood music. Set a table covered in hearts and candles. Dress up in formal and seductive clothes and spend a little extra time on your appearance .Write your partner a formal invitation, promising a menu of great food, a massage, and a night of passion with the chef! How about renting their favourite film on DVD if you’re feeling cuddly?

Important. Exhaust them during the day (a treasure hunt, laps round the garden or some heavy household chores are recommended) so you can pack them off to bed early - or get a baby sitter if you’re going out

Not recommended

Go on, be brave. There’s few better times than on Valentine’s day to do this. We won’t prescribe how you should do this – you’re on your own when it comes to where, when and how. Just make is personal and a moment to remember all your lives. We have a selection of beautiful rings to make the occasion extra special. Best of luck!

Valentine’s can be stressful – but avoid complaining about the expense or the stress. It’s probably better to do nothing than to grudgingly plan something half-hearted. Also – nobody likes a martyr. Don’t act as if you expect to be thanked for your efforts. Give them as much attention as possible – plan some conversation topics, lock them in with your eyes, give them warm, slow smiles: there’s more than one way to tell them you love them. It’s important to make them laugh: a fun night in can be more romantic than being bored at a fancy restaurant.

Good luck from all at ASDA Direct!