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Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Buying Guide

The popularity of trampolines and trampolining is soaring as families discover the many benefits of owning a trampoline. It is great fun for all the family, both children and adults alike. Not only is it fantastic fun but trampolining is a great way to exercise and provides lots of health benefits for everyone.

There's never been a better time to buy one. They're great fun and can keep children entertained for hours as well as encouraging balance and co-ordination.

Which Is The Best Trampoline For Me?

There are many different trampolines both in style and quality. With the number available this could be confusing for the newcomer, which is why we have put together this page to help you find out all the information you need. You need to be sure you have selected the right trampoline for your needs, and that represents good value for money. Ask yourself the following questions to help you pick the right trampoline for you.

  1. Consider who is going to use the trampoline: just children or adults too? Check the trampoline weight limits on the models you are considering
  2. Quality trampolines are built to last, and may cost a little bit more but the investment is worth it.
  3. Will it be too small for your growing children in 2 to 3 years time? Think about the overall size. Bear in mind that a 14ft round trampoline has 44% more jumping area than a 12ft model making it suitable as your children grow.

Specific points to look for in a trampoline:

There are many trampolines on the market, which is why ASDA are working with JumpKING®, commonly regarded as the most reliable trampoline manufacturer in the world, to ensure that you are able to benefit from their years of manufacturing experience when making your choice:

  1. Safety net /enclosure: Many models have nets that are suspended from straight poles with ropes or bungees. This has the disadvantage of leaving the net loose and so "gives" more when in use, putting more strain on the netting and increasing the chance of damage. The entire JumpKING® ASDA range of trampolines that are supplied by ASDA have gone further with a revolutionary design to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.
  2. G3 Trampoline Enclosure: Unique and patented enclosure fixing. Added strength and shape to enclosure net. With the netting secured in the ends of the enclosure poles by our strong and flexible G3 rods ensures tension is always in the net even when the trampoline is in a "relaxed" state. Robust and durable and easy to assemble
  3. *Patented Tri Layer T Connector: The main stress point on any trampoline is the connecting socket on the Top Frame. JumpKING® have developed the patented Tri layer T connector to combat this.
    With three layers of steel, and a strong inter-connecting top rail this increases the safety aspect and extends the life of the trampoline.
  4. T Connector and Welded socket: Most budget trampolines use U bolts with spacers and wing nut fastenings. These have two main faults, in that the fixings shake loose with use, and the enclosure poles lean in. With the T Connector and welded socket, the enclosure poles are rigidly and accurately held in position.

Trampoline Safety

After using our Trampolines Guide and having chosen your trampoline, ensure you purchase the necessary quality safety equipment such as a Trampoline Accessory pack, Also ensure that the trampoline you buy is manufactured to both the US (ASTM) and the EU (TUV) standard. All JumpKING® ASDA Trampolines comply with these safety standards.

Another great resource on trampoline safety is the trampoline safety factsheet provided by RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). You can find the Factsheet at Trampoline Safety Factsheet. next it is important to learn how to a) use it safely and b) where is the best place to put it. After all, there are many potential hazards that can occur when using a trampoline. These include falling off the trampoline, landing improperly while trampolining or even falling off the trampoline. Purchasing suitable trampoline safety equipment, taking your children to trampolining lessons or courses and ensuring there is a responsible adult supervising them at all times are all ways that you can help ensure that they can enjoy their trampoline and help avoid accidents or injuries. According to the RoSPA trampoline safety factsheet 75% of injuries occur when more than one person is on the trampoline. Remove the ladder after use so that young children can't get onto the trampoline unsupervised and older children will see the removal of the ladder as a sign that they are not allowed on to the trampoline.

Trampoline Safety Rules

To ensure safe trampolining for all the family, please follow these Safety Rules.

  1. Use the trampoline only under mature, knowledgeable supervision.
  2. Inspect the trampoline before each use. This includes the frame assembly and the springs. Tears in the jumping bed can quickly grow and become un-repairable if continually used.
  3. Do not allow more than one person on the trampoline at a time.
  4. Do not attempt stunts. Somersaults and other dangerous maneuvers can cause serious injury or death, even if you land in the middle of the bed. If you wish to take your trampolining skills further, consider joining a local club.
  5. Do not jump off the trampoline. Always climb on and off the trampoline.
  6. Avoid jumping too high.
  7. Do not use your trampoline when feeling ill, tired, when using medication or under influence of alcohol.
  8. Protect your trampoline from unsupervised use. Removing the ladder can stop a young child climbing on to the trampoline whilst unattended.
  9. Only use your trampoline when the surface of the bed is dry.
  10. Read the manufacturer's instructions before using the trampoline.


It is not advisable to position your trampoline on a smooth hard surface like concrete. The trampoline will move a little with every bounce, which wears away the leg base leading to corrosion. This is not a problem on grass surfaces where the legs bed in naturally. If the trampoline has to be sited on a hard surface, rubber floor guards can be bought to fit onto the leg bases. Most round trampolines will require 8 guards. In addition, for safety reasons we always recommend a safety enclosure is fitted

What Are The Benefits of Trampolining?

Trampolining is a fun way to exercise and could help tackle childhood obesity and increase the overall fitness and well-being of your child. In fact the latest research suggests that trampolining can even be used as an effective tool for children with autism to improve co-ordination.

If you've ever tried trampolining you'll know that it is a lot of fun and the health benefits of using trampolines can make it a sound investment for your whole family.

We also offer advice on looking after your trampoline, where to position it, and other safety issues. Once you have read the Health benefits section you should be encouraged to buy a trampoline and begin jumping & rebounding immediately! After all, they're fun and a great gymnastic rebounding exercise. Trampolining for Sport covers the professional side of trampolining, including advanced trampolining moves and details on clubs.