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 Improved performance by eliminating the needle hole, a potential area for saturation in hard shells and leakage in soft shells. Welded seams also create a wonderfully clean finish on both the interior and exterior of the garment, increasing the functional elegance of our already streamlined shell designs.

Following the instructions step-by-step you will have this tent up in a mere 5 minutes.  Lengthy and fiddly tent construction will be a thing of the past!

This tent features a power cord pocket to connect an outside power source into the tent. Great for those who like to travel with gadgets!

This tent is teflex coated to protect materials against bacteria, viruses and mold growth and eliminate the odor retention or biogrowth on fabrics and textiles.

Stitch taped to prevent water leaking into the tent.

At just 3.5kg weight, this tent is ideal to take with you on trips in the great outdoors.

Ideally sized to fit 2 people and their shoes and bags.

Ideally sized to fit 6 people, in 3 double bed sized areas, and more than enough space for clothing and shoes.

At 110cm height this tent is well sized to sit and sleep comfortably.

 At 135cm height this tent is well sized to sit and sleep a group of people comfortably.

At 200cm height this tent is well sized to sit, sleep and stand a group of people comfortably.

Tent is large enough for 1 double airbed.

 Tent is large enough for 2 double airbeds.

 Tent is large enough for 3 double airbeds.