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How do I buy the TV set-up that’s right for me?
Flat screen TVs are much cheaper than they once were and have all but replaced the traditional television. They're also slimmer, slicker and compatible with both Digital TV, High Definition and, in increasing number, 3D Television.

While the television industry is working hard to standardise TV viewing, there are still a wide range of options to consider when choosing your home entertainment set-up, and with big events such as the World Cup looming, there is no better time to get clued up and this guide is here to help.

  • A few basics...
  • Find out about the different types of TVs available on Asda direct
  • Find out about High-Definition (HD) TV
  • Find out what you’ll need for the digital switchover
  • Get impartial advice about the various digital TV options
  • Confused about a specific aspect of digital TV or HD viewing? Try our comprehensive Jargon Buster