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Electric Steriliser Descaling


How do I descale my baby bottle steriliser?

We recommend that you use a descaler specifically designed for electric sterilisers.

We no longer recommend using citric acid for descaling, as it is difficult to find, varies in strengths and does not come with instructions.

Why should I descale my steriliser?

By descaling the steriliser you remove the build-up of lime scale on the electric element within the steriliser. The long term build-up of lime scale can cause the element to stop working. If you don't descale the electric steriliser then this could affect your warranty.

I have sterilised my bottles, why have they got marks on them?

The bottles are still required to be washed before sterilising. Your steriliser may need descaling, we recommend descaling every 4 weeks.

Why is the display showing E and the cycle will not start?

The steriliser requires 80mls of water. If there is too much or too little, the steriliser the display will show E for Error. Switch the steriliser off, empty the base. Re-measure 80mls and pour into the base. Switch back on and click the start button.

Microwave Steriliser

Dimensions of your Closer to Nature Microwave Steam Steriliser

275mm Wide and 168mm High

Tips for using your microwave steriliser

Make sure the turntable of your microwave is clean. Food residues can overheat and may cause the base of your steriliser to melt.

If you have a combination microwave, make sure the grill is turned off. Otherwise you risk melting the lid of your steriliser.

How much water should I use in my steriliser?

You should use 200ml in the closer to nature® microwave steriliser and 80ml in the closer to nature® electric sterilizer?