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Wash Care Codes

Cotton wash Cotton Wash (No Bar) - A wash tub without a bar underneath indicates that normal (maximum) washing conditions may be used at the appropriate temperature.
Synthetics wash Synthetics Wash (Single Bar) - A single bar beneath the wash tub indicates reduced (medium) washing conditions at the appropriate temperature.
Wool wash Wool Wash (Double Underline) - A double underline beneath the wash tub indicates much reduced (minimum) washing conditions, and is designed specifically for machine washable wool products.
Wash by hand Wash by hand
Do not bleach Do not bleach
Hot iron Hot Iron
Warm iron Warm Iron
Cool iron Cool Iron
Process Bar beneath the circle will indicate the solvent and the process to be used by the dry cleaner.
Do not dry clean Do not dry clean.
May be tumble dried May be tumble dried.
Tumble dry, high heat With high heat setting.
Tumble dry, low heat With low heat setting.
Do not tumble dry Do not tumble dry.
Do Not A cross through any symbol means "Do Not".
Keep away from fire A red triangle shows that these garments do not comply with the flammability regulations as laid down by BS55722. Safety First. Regulations alone will not prevent accidents. Keep children away from fire.