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Propagation Know How

Which tools should I use to divide established plants?

For large border plants and perennials use a border spade or fork to dig up the roots and then prise apart into clumps with the aid of a pair of weedforks.

The plants should then be replanted at the same depth as before. This procedure is best carried out during Spring & Autumn.

When should seeds be thinned out?

Seedlings should be thinned out to avoid overcrowding and to give the best chance of survival. This is best done as soon as the plants are large enough to handle. Useful tools are a trowel, weedfork and dibber.

When should I transplant young plants?

Young plants should be moved to their final growing position well before the flowering period to enable a good root system to develop. This is best carried out with the aid of a transplanting trowel.