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Baby Mattress Guide

We understand a good night’s sleep is important for you and your baby and the right mattress will help to support your growing little one. Read our guide for tips and advice on how to choose a mattress that will provide comfort, health and security.

The layers of a mattress


  • New baby, new mattress. It is more hygienic and a second hand mattress could have become compressed by a previous baby’s weight.
  • Measure and buy the correct mattress shape for your cot or cot bed. Any gaps should less than 4cm at the sides and ends of the mattress. We stock a range of mattress sizes to fit various sized cots.
  • Placing your baby in the feet to the foot position will prevent them wriggling down underneath the covers.
  • Covers should be tucked in firmly and no higher than the shoulders.
  • Keep your baby’s mattress clean and dry for their health and comfort.
  • Rotating your baby’s mattress will help to maintain the shape
  • The mattress needs to be firm and supportive for the baby’s spine.

There are a range of mattress options available to you when shopping. We stock spring and foam mattresses so you can get your baby set up for comfortable nights sleep. We also have waterproof mattress covers which are hygienic and time saving.

Consider saving space when you invest in a cot by choosing a cot top changer, this can also help parents out as the child is at the perfect height for changing. And if you’re still struggling for space try a cot that has some underneath storage.

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