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Prices and charges

  • We try to ensure that all product information and pricing displayed on this website is correct and up to date at the time you place an order. We verify pricing at dispatch, and in the event that we discover an error in the price of the products you have ordered, the following terms will apply:

    • If actual price is lower than the price shown on this website at time of ordering we will charge you the lower amount and dispatch the product.

    • If actual price is higher than the price shown on this website at time of ordering at our discretion, we will either contact you as soon as possible to discuss whether you wish to continue with the order, or cancel the order and send you an email confirming the cancellation. If we are unable to contact you within 14 days of the placing of the order we will treat the order as cancelled. If the order is cancelled and you have already paid for the products, you will receive a full refund.

    All prices shown on the website are in pounds sterling and inclusive of VAT.

    Where items are indicated as "Web Only Price" the price of the item is exclusive to purchases on-line and not available at the same price in store.

    Prices exclude delivery charges which are shown as a separate line item on the order summary page. For full details of our delivery charges please refer to the Delivery section.


  • The purchase of all products and/or services displayed on this website are subject to availability. Prices of products may change from time to time. We confirm availability and price at the time your order is placed. If a product is subsequently unavailable when we come to dispatch your order or we are unable to supply the products, we will contact you either by phone or email as soon as possible.