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Hotwheels new bedroom range

Want to be the coolest racer on the street? Our Hot Wheels range lets you feel the thrill of the racetrack in your very own bedroom. Wrap yourself up in a cosy fleece after you’ve taken the chequered flag or make sure you get to the starting grid on time with a cool alarm clock.

Hot Wheels Bin
£6.95 £3.47
Hot Wheels Sofa
£29.95 £14.97
Hot Wheels Clock
£13.95 £6.97
Hot Wheels Boys Curtain
£13.95 £6.97
Hot Wheels Boys Duvet
£11.95 £5.97
Hot Wheels Boys Cushion
£6.95 £3.47
Hot Wheels Kool Lite
£14.95 £7.47
Hot Wheels Boys Towel
£5.95 £2.97
Hot Wheels Pop Tidy
£5.95 £2.97
Hot Wheels Boys Fleece
£6.95 £3.47

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