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Garden Calendar - November


Cold nights and damp days can be expected towards the end of the year, Days are now very short and it's dark before tea time, so make the most of sunshine outdoors to keep the garden clean and tidy.

Lawn Care

  • November is the month when you will need to collect fallen leaves every week to ensure the grass doesn't die off in the shadow of ever-falling foliage. Some mowers will collect leaves fairly efficiently, alternatively you could use a leaf blower, or leaf collectors to gather the fallen leaves form your lawn. If fallen leaves are chopped small and mixed with plenty of grass cuttings they should rot down easily over the next few months when mixed with ordinary kitchen waste on the compost heap.
  • Fork your lawn in order to aerate the soil and even out the surface level.

Top Tip

Reduce mowing frequency to once a fortnight now that cooler daytime temperatures have reduced rapid grass growth.


  • With careful planning you should be starting to harvest the first of your winter vegetables including parsnips, red cabbage, leeks and early Brussels sprouts.
  • For great tasting parsnips dig a few and leave on the soil surface so that frosts can help to change carbohydrates into sugars and thus sweeten the flavour.
  • Where you have bare soil, dig over the area ready for next year's crops.
  • In the fruit garden it's the best time to plant bush, cane and tree fruits such as redcurrants, blackcurrants, raspberry canes and apples and pears.
  • When planting, ensure that your soil is improved with rich compost so that new roots are encouraged to spread out into your new soil.

Top Tip

Pick the last of apples and pears and start winter pruning.