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Garden Calendar - June


Its summer at last and your garden should be looking great and ready to burst into a riot of flower colour and productive vegetable and fruit growing.

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Patio Gardening

  • You will need to start regular watering of pots and other containers to encourage steady growth of patio plants. But your compost will soon run out of nutrients and supplementary feeding will become essential five or six weeks after planting.
  • The traditional way to keep bedding plants growing and blooming well is by adding a soluble plant food into the water of a watering can.
  • Find a shady spot outside where houseplants can have a summer holiday. This is especially beneficial to plants that have been trimmed down to size and are producing new shoots.

Top Tip

Check the brackets used for hanging baskets to ensure they are fixed firmly enough for a water-filled container.


  • Why not invest in a new mower to ensure your lawn gets cut evenly, sharply and without mashing the grass blades?
  • If using a hover mower, always collect the cut grass by using a lawn rake, otherwise the cuttings create a thick mat layer which after it builds to over 2cm thick does positive harm to the growing grass.
  • For a great looking lawn all summer you need to feed the lawn so that it is thick and lush and an ideal resting place for sunbathing or summer picnics.
  • An application of grass seed will show visible results in just a few days.


  • See that your vegetables are kept well watered now that the days are long and the sun is at its highest. They should all be growing really fast!
  • Sow French beans and runner beans from early June until the end of July. Preparing a trench that is rich in compost is the traditional way to provide the most consistent crops.
  • If you haven't done so already sow sweet corn seed in individual pots of compost, grouping together in clumps rather than in a straight line.
  • Feed and water well, and your corn will grow tall in no time and produce the sweetest cobs you have ever tasted in just 8 to 10 weeks.
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, courgettes, squash and pumpkins can all be planted outside.
  • Early potatoes may be ready to harvest at the end of the month. To check on progress check around underground with your finger tips to feel how the potatoes are growing and pull out just the biggest ones. That saves destroying the plant completely and allows more potatoes to form over the next few weeks.


  • Sideshoots of apples, pears and gooseberries should be cut back to three or four leaves.
  • This stops stem growth and encourages the shoot to carry flowers and subsequent fruit in following years.
  • Plums often set more fruit than needed and should be thinned out now otherwise the weight may damage branches.
  • Continue to pick strawberries and raspberries from summer fruiting varieties.