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5 tips on sowing seeds

  • Always sow seeds in fresh, good-quality seed compost. Never be tempted to reuse old compost or use garden soil, which is too heavy and might contain pests and diseases.
  • There's no need to sow the entire packet of seeds. Most seeds will germinate, so only sow one or two more than you need in case of loses.
  • Write the name of the plant on a plastic label and pop it into the pot after sowing. This will help you remember what you're growing.
  • Seeds will germinate more quickly if pots are put inside a heated propagator. Don't worry if you don't have one. Put a plastic freezer bag over the top of your pot, secure with a rubber band and put on a sunny windowsill.
  • Pot seedlings on once they're around 2cm tall. Loosen the compost, gently hold a leaf (but never the stem) and lift from beneath the roots with a pencil. Place the seedling in the centre of a small pot filled with multipurpose compost and firm gently.