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Hanging Baskets

  • To make planting easy, stand your basket on top of a large pot to keep it steady and unclip one of the chains to prevent them from getting in the way.
  • To ensure a long display, it's important to feed your plants. Try mixing a handful of Nutri Slow Release Plant Food granules into fresh multipurpose compost before planting. It will provide plants with nutrients for up to six months.
  • For an eye-catching display, avoid planting randomly. Decide on a colour scheme, then put the trailing plants around the edges. Add a taller plant as a centrepiece and fill in with other, smaller varieties. Remember not to plant too closely together as they'll need room to grow. If your basket has slits in the sides, either pop in more trailing plants or use compact, bushier ones.
  • Hanging baskets full of plants and compost can be very heavy, especially once watered. Make sure brackets or hooks are firmly secured to prevent any accidents.
  • Keep baskets looking attractive by removing flowers as they fade. Either pinch off with fingers or snip back with a pair of sharp secateurs.