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How to re-tune your Freeview TV or Box

You will need to re-tune your equipment on or after Wednesday 30 September. Otherwise you will lose some channels.

What’s happening?

On Wednesday 30 September 2009, Freeview is making improvements to the Freeview service to pave the way for the digital TV switchover. This means you will need to re-tune your Freeview TV or box or you will lose some of your channels.

You will need to re-tune from lunchtime on 30 September. It is good practice to re-tune from time to time in order to pick up new channels and services as they become available.

Please note: satellite, cable and analogue services will not be affected.

How to re-tune
  1. Switch on your Freeview TV or box
  2. Using your remote control, press ‘menu’
  3. Select the ‘set up’ or ‘installation’ option
  4. Select the ‘first time installation’ option (sometimes called ‘factory reset’, ‘full retune’ or ‘default settings’)
  5. Press ‘OK’. If your equipment asks if you want to delete all your channels, don’t worry, that is normal If you are prompted for a code, try 0000 or 1234
  6. Channels will be automatically installed. This may take a few minutes and your equipment may shut down and restart
  7. After re-tuning, you may have to reset your ‘favourites’ list. When you re-tune a digital TV recorder, you should re-set future recordings
  8. Remember to re-tune every piece of Freeview equipment you have

These instructions are a guide only, as menu instructions will vary. The best way to re-tune your equipment is to use your instruction manual. For detailed re-tuning instructions of popular makes and models visit

Any questions…?

If you’re still unsure about re-tuning your equipment, don’t worry. You can find more help and information at or you can call our helpline on 08456 05 11 22**.

* Includes BT Vision and Top Up TV.

** Calls are free for BT customers within inclusive calling plans. Call charges from other providers may vary.