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Six Months To Go?

We've asked ASDA mums about their recent baby experiences. Claire (28) gave birth a year ago to Mya Beth, and in the thick of the pressures and challenges of being a new mum, found out she was pregnant again - with twins! A smart and savvy young mum, her story and advice is a must-read for any prospective mums.

Claire and Mya at home in York

"With Mya most things went on the wedding gift list. I picked mainly things that sounded good or that I felt would be indispensable but in the main I was wrong about most things and would have read more reviews before choosing if I had my time over. For example, I went for an electric steam steriliser, which are prone to breaking down due to limescale build up and are no quicker than microwave ones, which are cheaper anyway.

"With the twins I was more experiences, and most of the preparation was done early on before I got big and also due to risk of premature birth. First of all I bought lots of books! I read up on monochorionic twin pregnancies, the risks, and what I should be eating and requesting in terms of medical care. I spoke to and joined TAMBA, the Twins and Multiple Births Association, and discussed my pregnancy and birth options with a midwife at the Multiple Birth Foundation to ensure that we were adequately informed. We investigated leaving NHS and using an independent midwife but decided instead to stay with the NHS and employ a doula to support our interests during the birth.

"We looked for and bought a new car. A seven-seater was needed so we could transport all three girls and their brother Ethan. I also got a new bedside cot (just the one; they share) so I could get the babies in and out for feeding without getting up. Next, we bought a new car seat to match Mya's old one, but second hand, as having two is expensive! Finally, we got a new pram - from New Zealand! This needed to accommodate three young babies so all could sit up or lie down to sleep and triple buggies are few and far between in the UK due to British Standards.

Three Months To Go?

Talia and Sienna, a few hours old

"With three months to go we bought another changing table with an inbuilt baby bath for the bedroom. I got some tiny baby clothes as I was told the babies would be delivered at just 36 weeks and would possibly weigh just 5lbs (Mya went straight into 0-3 month baby clothes as she was 8lb 14oz.) Ian and I attended a hypnobirthing course to help me cope with the pain of labour in the hope that I could avoid drugs which could increase the likelihood of intervention and a surgical birth. This apparently worked as I managed the birth with gas and air alone, which I wasn't given until I was 8cm dilated. I bought size 1 and size 2 Pampers New Baby nappies every week when I did the shopping to spread the cost a little."