Since 2010, Eco Wix has been serving customers in UK by offering scented candles with mesmerising fragrances all made of sustainable materials. All our candles are made from RSPO-certified Palm Wax, FSC-certified pine wood, wooden wick, and recycled paper labels, which makes them “good for your home” and “good for your soul”. Our RSPO certification guarantees you that the palm oil used in all our candles is sourced sustainably at all points of the supply chain process. Our FSC certified wooden wicks emit a faint crackling sound akin to lighting a fireplace and will make you feel safe and cosy in your home. In addition to offering mesmerizing fragrances, Eco Wix candles are a truly immersive experience at an affordable price that whisks you away from the stresses of life. Some recommended fragrances from the collection include Lakeside Smores, Spa Water, Frosted Sugar Cookies, Berry Medley, etc.