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The purchaser of the following Coleman Powersports ATV agrees to abide by the statements described on this form, all warnings in the owner's manual and on the vehicle. By agreeing to this document the purchaser acknowledges that they: will thoroughly read the owner's manual, understand that this ATV is not a toy and understands that operating an ATV may be dangerous.
  1. Always maintain awareness and exercise extreme caution when operating an ATV. Changes in terrain, grade of land and direction along with other obstacles can be challenging for any ATV operator. Failure to follow safe procedures as described in the owner's manual can cause a roll over or throw the operator from the ATV.
  2. Never allow any child under 16 years of age to operate this ATV.
  3. Never operate the ATV on pavements. It is not designed to be used on paved surfaces and may be difficult to control.
  4. Never operate an ATV on a public road, even a non-paved public road.
  5. Only to be used off-road on private land with the permission of the owner or in specially designated areas.
  6. Never allow more than one person to ride this ATV. A passenger may upset the balance of the ATV and cause a loss of control.
  7. Never attempt to operate an ATV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Never operate an ATV without proper safety equipment such as a helmet, eye protection, gloves, and other protective clothing described in the owner’s manual.
  9. Never operate an ATV on unsafe terrain or at excessive speeds.
  10. Never perform 'tricks' such as wheelies, jumps or other stunts.
  11. Never attempt to operate an ATV without proper instruction such as an approved ATV training course.
  12. Always read the owner’s manual carefully and follow the operating procedures, warnings and all labels in the owner’s manual and on the ATV.
  13. I certify that as the purchaser, I am 18 years of age or older.
  14. This item is not included in ASDA’s 28 day refund policy. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  15. To comply with laws regarding the sale of age-restricted goods, we can only deliver age restricted products to persons over 18 years old. Upon delivery, we may require you to sign for your order to confirm your age. We operate a "Challenge 25" policy which means that, even if you are fortunate to be over 18 old but look under 25, you should expect to be asked for some form of proof of age. As such. you may be required to provide proof of age at point of delivery.
  16. By agreeing to the terms of this purchase you are providing permission for your contact details to be supplied to Coleman Powersports.
  17. Delivery is to curbside only. Due to the size and weight of vehicle, good access will be required, along with an area of hard standing for unloading. Product is not unpacked upon delivery, safe disposal of all packaging is the responsibility of the purchaser. Where possible, our carrier will unload onto private land. If this is inaccessible and the product is unloaded on the curb side, it is the customers responsibility to ensure this is moved immediately to an appropriate location for storage. Please note the Quad Bike cannot be started and must be rolled in neutral with the handbrake off.
I confirm I have read and understood the terms of this purchase stated above
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