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Boys Trousers / Shorts Size Chart

Boys Height/Weight Waist Hip
6-9 Months 68-74cm/up to 21lbs, 9.5kg -  
9-12 Months 74-80cm/up to 24lbs, 11kg -  
12-18 Months/1-1½ Years 80-86cm 50-51cm 52-54cm
18-24 Months/1½-2 Years 86-92cm 51-52cm 54-56cm
2-3 Years 92-98cm 52-53cm 56-58cm
3-4 Years 98-104cm 53-54cm 58-60cm
4-5 Years 104-110cm 54-55cm 60-62cm
5-6 Years 110-116cm 55-57cm 62-65cm
6-7 Years 116-122cm 57-58cm 65-68cm
7-8 Years 122-128cm 58-60cm 68-70cm
8-9 Years 128-135cm 60-62cm 70-73cm
9-10 Years 135-140cm 62-64cm 73-76cm
10-11 Years 140-146cm 64-66cm 76-79cm
11-12 Years 146-152cm 66-68cm 79-82cm
12-13 Years 152-158cm 68-70cm 82-85cm
13-14 Years 158-164cm 70-73cm 85-88cm
14-15 Years 164-170cm 73-75cm 88-91cm
15-16 Years 170-176cm 75-77cm 91-94cm