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Barbie new bedroom range

Just as popular as when she first appeared, Barbie continues to be a great friend to millions of girls. Our Barbie range has some great ideas to give your little princess the bedroom of her dreams!

Barbie Jewellery Box
£13.95 £6.97
Barbie Alarm Clock
£9.95 £4.97
Barbie Girls Curtain
£13.95 £6.97
Barbie Girls Duvet
£11.95 £5.97
Barbie Girls Cushion
£6.95 £3.47
Barbie Kool Lite
£14.95 £7.47
Barbie Girls Towel
£5.95 £2.97
Barbie Pop Tidy
£5.95 £2.97
Barbie Girls Fleece
£6.95 £3.47

Please Note: Higher price charged online for 7 days