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Playtime comes naturally to all babies, toddlers and children and whilst they are enjoying themselves, you can help their development with the right toys and play. Here are some tips and ideas about which toys can help increase learning and encourage healthy growth.


To your baby, at such a young age, everything is new and fascinating. Your newborn baby’s senses are developing fast – brightly coloured toys and different textures are a great choice at this age.

A playgym or mat like the Red Kite Travel Playgym will help to build your baby’s strength and develop those early senses. Bursting with bright colours, awakening sounds and a variety of textures!

As your baby reaches a few months old they will become even more active and develop an ever increasing urge to explore. Walkers and bouncers are great at this stage and will last for some time as your baby can bounce, stomp and move around independently. Toys that combine different textures and materials are also exciting as your baby’s senses develop – even if they are only used at first as something to chew!

Lindam Bounce About Red Kit Baby Go Round Tropicana Mamas and Papas Hug and Play Teether

1 year+

Happy birthday! Your baby’s senses are still developing fast and as they reach that big milestone they are moving towards an upright world that will involve learning the skills to say that all important first word. At this stage toys that help them to recognise sounds, listen to music and become familiar with words are a great buy and they will provide great entertainment whilst teaching them some important skills.

Any toys that involve puzzle and shape solving like the Bright Starts Pond Popper could provide your child with hours of entertainment and terrific at learning them to work through problems.

That favourite bear that they just won’t go anywhere without (and other soft toys) can be great for providing reassurance and comfort as well as being something else to chew on. They can also help to teach the importance of friendships, ignite the imagination and they are just great for cuddles! Take a look at Funky Friends Activity Lion.

2 years+

Now they are walking, talking and exploring and there’s no stopping them! As your baby finds their feet and becomes more inquisitive day by day there are loads of toys to choose from.

Your child is now buzzing with plenty of energy so any toys you can find that channel this will be great. Toys that allow your toddler to walk with, ride on or push could be very popular as they help to create that feeling of independence. The V-Tech First Steps Walker or the Tomy Thomas Sit N Ride are great buys at this age.

V-Tech First Steps Walker V-Tech First Steps Walker Tomy Thomas Sit ‘n’ Ride

Whilst you’re trying to channel that endless toddler energy creative toys can be very exciting and explorative! Something like the Tomy Rainbow Aquadraw will inspire their imaginations.