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Product Information

Height 27.5 cm
Width 22.9 cm
Depth 25.3 cm
Number of Pieces 171
Range LEGO Bionicle
Material Plastic
Minimum Age 8 years
Model Number 71311
Product Type Building Blocks
Type Building Blocks
Weight 1.6 kg
Brand LEGO

Why we love this

Freeze! Kopaka Uniter of Ice and Melum Creature of Ice are ready to fight! Keep your cool in battle with Kopaka Uniter of Ice, featuring BIONICLE head, 3 masks, awesome weapons and attachable Melum Creature of Ice.

Power up Kopaka Uniter of Ice with Melum Creature of Ice for extra cool powers! By uniting, you will create an invincible Toa and boost your chances of defeating the evil Umarak the Hunter and his minions.

Product Features:

• Kopaka Uniter of Ice features a BIONICLE head with mask pop-off trigger, Unity Mask of Ice, armour chest piece with unique rune decorations, elemental armour of ice, unity piece to attach spirit creature and posable joints.
• Weapons include elemental blade of ice.
• Accessory elements include Golden Unity Mask of Ice.
• Also includes Melum Creature of Ice, featuring a mask.
• Attach Melum Creature of Ice to create powerful armour with one simple click, using the unity piece.
• Sturdy design for intense action play.
• Stands over 8” (22cm) tall.
• Switch with other creatures in the 2016 LEGO® BIONICLE series to create new combinations of battle powers.
• Go to for building instructions, games, animations and more.

Number of Pieces: 171
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Our customers say

Rated 4.1 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Bit of Mixed Bag I am rather conflicted about this set, overall I really do like it, but there are a few things off putting about it. let's start with the little guy, Melum (like all the creatures) is frankly quite adorable. His head and his paws, along with his clapping/crushing/hugging function make him probably one of the cuter creatures. His colors go together quite well but there is one thing off about him, and that's the silver torso, I don't understand why make his torso silver but the other metallic parts on him gold. His gear function works great, even if when united with kopaka it doesn't do much, besides just hug him if that's what you're going for. Kopaka is the real mixed bag of this set, and it's for the most part just with his colors, if he had stuck with gold, trans light blue, white and the metru blue, he would have been great, but instead, most of his gold from last year has been dropped and replaced with silver, now this would annoy me because gold was his metallic last year and it's best to stay consistent, but what annoys me more is that they made his thighs gold and nothing else when not united or with his golden mask. It would have improved him so much more if his shoulder armor was gold, that would keep him consistent with last year's version and help balance out his colors a lot. Other than his colors, honestly Kopaka's build and general look is pretty great. Though I would have preferred a larger shield, he instead has a buckler with a gun attached to it, he also ditched his lance for a broadsword (and also turned left handed I suppose?) looks like he's no longer the heavy defending knight he was last year, now he is the agile and swift knight. His mask, while I thought it looked okay in the photos, looks amazing in hand, I love that you can swap out the scope colors and the nuva symbol inscribed into his forehead. The waist function that most of these sets have is also pretty great, allowing for an even bigger range of motion than last years sets. United, the colors are FAR better balanced, and Kopaka actually retains his bulky look from lat year, while still looking agile, overall I'd say you should definitely get this set, there are some things that may bother you, but the packaged deal you get here is good. 22 March 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Finally. . . Since I first saw Kopaka from 2001 I immediately wanted every single version of him that had come out. When my package finally arrived, I ripped open the box and started building him. None of the Kopaka sets have ever disappointed me, and this out is my favorite out of all of them. 11 March 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by Satisfaction Indeed Although not as good as the 2015 Kopaka, this new incarnation brings in some refreshing features. Unlike the other Toa, Kopaka wields a Ice Blaster or whatever it's called this time around. His Ice Sword is also cool, and looks pretty good in itself. The overall color scheme is amazing, but the dark blue feels a little out of place. I wouldn't be sure if a gun and sword is the best pair of weapons a character can equip, and perhaps, I would want to see Kopaka gain a new shield. His helmet is definitely not as reminiscent to his original mask as much as the 2015 version was, but the scope part provides some resemblance. His overall look is great, and he has some cool features. The waist feature is great, but I it is rather simple, unlike the gears in 2015, which can be modified. The more disappointing part about this set was Melum. I am very positive Melum is the smallest creature, and also, very possibly my least favorite out of all. It is the typical bipedal creature with two claws, as with Terak. It has less pieces than Terak as well. The color scheme is very sweet, but I'd like to see some more white, rather than gold. The function is very excellent, but once again, it's only a modification with Terak's. I am generally satisfied with my purchase, but I expected more with Melum. Kopaka is generally good, with some slight flaws, and Melum is a nice addition, and also, I would've liked to see a Shadow Trap. I am happy with this set, and the price was reasonable, as compared to Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder. I am happy and would recommend this set to a friend, though definitely not the first. 12 February 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Set A lot has been made about the Uniter wave thus far, but I have to say, having most of these sets in hand, they're very worth it. I feel that if you are an older fan of Bionicle, you will enjoy this set in particular, as Kopaka returns to his very familiar looking self this time around. The build is not overly complex but is very interactive. The only issue I have with the build is how oddly the torso design has you place two 'bionicle hands' in a very loose position behind the torso piece. A couple of the other sets have this odd loose piece issue, but honestly, it's not as bad as I make it out to be. I just personally am not a fan of it. The weapons are excellent this time around, the sword is especially beautifully designed. His mask echoes his older self with an annoyed, cool tone to his one eye. I love that you can put a stud into his scope as well. The golden mask is excellent as it also brightens up his eyes when you put it on. Kopaka has the best designed legs I have seen thus far in generation two, I am a huge fan of this design. The legs look armoured, bulky, and are, most importantly, stable. He comes with his ammo packet placed cleverly beneath the left thigh and his range of motion is pretty much unlimited, except for the shoulders which can get in the way of his mask. Melum is a very simple build, but I feel the function is excellent and the design looks pretty decent. Colours on both characters are a bit off with the gold being displaced, solely for the purposes of reuniting them together when the two unite. The unity form is excellent and it doesn't hinder playability too much. Honestly, it depends on what you like in general. If you want pieces, this is definitely a set you should check out. If you want a set to display, once again, Kopaka and Melum, regardless of whether you keep them united or not, look great on any shelf. If you want them for play, I would suggest perhaps being a little more careful with Kopaka, again, due to his torso design being a bit loose. Otherwise, awesome set! 05 February 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Deep Freeze First off the fact that you get both Kopaka and Melum is nice. Overall the set is absolutely wonderful. The build for Kopaka is very nice with a great blend of Technic and CCBS building techniques. The gear function for Melum (and all the other creatures for that matter as well) is really nice. The colors on both are great. My only complaint is the lack of a full shield for Kopaka, a shadow trap as included with all the other creatures, and the blue on his forearms, however these really aren't that big complaints. The combination of Kopaka and Melum looks nice and reminds me of last year's Kopaka. I highly recommend this set to Bionicle fans as it has a Toa and a creature allowing one to experience both of the different builds. 11 January 2016
Rated 2 out of 5 by Incredibly Disappointed I'll start off by stating that I've been a fan of LEGO since I was very young. I've purchased BIONICLE sets from all generations, and was very excited to hear that the theme was being resurrected in 2015. Kopaka has always been my favorite character and since I've limited myself to purchasing only one character I picked up the Kopaka set the other day. That being said, I have several issues I'd like to address with the new Kopaka model: Color Scheme: This is the most nit-picky and least important issue, so I'll start with it. The entire model is "ice-toned," for lack of a better term. The main pieces are white, blue, and silver. Except for the two gold thigh pads. I suppose that's supposed to be balanced out by 'Melum' creature attached the the back, but Kopaka by himself would look better if he were more balanced in terms of color scheme. Even with his gold mask on the thigh pads look out of place. Parts: These new models, in my opinion, are way too hectic. There are tons of small pieces that inflate the part count to balance out price increases, but they don't add any value to the product. Sure, the model becomes more 'intricate' but it doesn't perform any new functions. My biggest 'Parts' issue has to be the cap pieces put on either end of the leg. I'm assuming the rubber bit is to increase friction, but if LEGO's tolerances are the same as they've always been, then there shouldn't be a problem clipping the leg right onto the ball joint. In fact, I've found the rubber bit to create too much friction, and the leg pops off the cap when I try to pose the model. If the point is to make the legs longer, then the parts themselves should be longer. I might be mistaken, but I believe there are pieces similar to the "bones" that are longer than the ones included in the set. BIONICLE was always great because it debuted new, big pieces that showcased great design work and interchangeability. The projectile weapon has also fallen victim to the "intricacy wave." Rather than debuting a new launching device akin to the zamor launcher of the Inika, or the nynrah ghost blaster of the mistika, the projectile weapon is just a wheel holding the basic LEGO stud. (A clever launching design, I'll admit, but I still feel cheated.) This grouping of smaller pieces - especially the cop-out crossguard on the sword - detracts from the BIONICLE brand identity. Design: The biggest problem I have with the Kopaka model in terms of design is the setting of his shoulders. In the initial reboot wave, Kopaka was one of the larger sets, with broad shoulders. This model has slim shoulders, which I wouldn't have a problem with if they allowed for a full range of motion. The arms are very tight to the body and the shoulder pads physically impede the motion of the arms going all the way around in their sockets. Both Tahu's and Onua's sets feature broader shoulders - for the cost of a few more small parts - that allow for a full range of motion. The uniter creature seems to just be a gimmick to make more profit - it attaches on the back (much like the Phantoka and Mistika sets of 2008) but only has the function of wrapping around the toa (granted the Phantoka/Mistika didn't do much other than connect, but at least those sets could stand separately as individuals). This just makes the product more hectic, unbalances the set, and the creature just gets in the way when trying to pose the toa. If it hadn't been included in the Kopaka set I probably wouldn't have bought it. Redeeming Qualities: The new hip-pivoting pieces are a neat function and add a whole new range of poses for the product. There are a bunch of great new pieces (armor pieces - chest especially, the weapons (swords, not launcher), and the mask designs). Final Suggestion: In my opinion, to get the most "bang for your buck" I'd purchase the Tahu figure (though his color scheme is over saturated with gold), and forego the uniter creature. He has a broad shoulder set for a great range of motion, a neat set-up for adjustable blade length, and as he's the lead character he probably had the longest, most in-depth product design period, ensuring he's a great looking character for the primary sell. Lewa also seems like he might have shoulder-motion issues. Gali, Onua, and Pohatu all have both their hands tied to their weapons, which always irked me, but if that's alright with you then I'd suggest Gali. She seems to have a good range of motion, is evenly balanced in terms of color, and doesn't seem to have too many wasteful small pieces. You'd miss out on the launcher, but that's not a problem for me. 11 January 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Sturdy, Enjoyable, Durable Action Figure The product is quite sturdy, and plays well. The play functions, as well as the "Unity" function with the creature adds to the playability of the set. The gearbox set in the waist allows for not only waist articulation, but an attack function. With the new CCBS torso piece, it also adds customization features, such as reusing the gearbox from 2015 Kopaka. The set alone however, is enough to play with, and is a great set. The creature set, Melum, is also great to play with. The creature has a gearbox function as well, giving him the ability to make a clapping or hugging motion. The colors of Melum also compliment Kopaka well when combined. I recommend this set to anyone looking for good value and 2 great sets. 02 January 2016
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