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Liven up your rooms with our great range of upholstery at George.com

The Living Room

it's all in the details...

Lift your space in an instant with our new statement cushions, units and accessories.

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The Kitchen

the heart of the home...

Let country charm and earthy tones whisk you away with our brand new tableware collection.

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Try our brand new utensils and baking essentials at George.com
Take a little 'you' time with our refreshing and vibrant range of bathroom accessories at George.com

The Bathroom

take some time out...

Send in a wave of vitality with our latest selection of fluffy towels to handy dandy accessories.

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The Kids’ Room

sweet dreams...

Create the bedroom of their dreams with our latest character bedding, bunk beds and playful furniture.

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Add a whirl of character to their bedspace with our fantastic range of bedding at George.com
Create the bedroom of their dreams with our gorgeous selection of contemporary furniture at George.com

The Nursery

a peace of mind...

From new cots to rockers and furniture, these sweet additions are sure to help them sleep easy.

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The Office

perfect settings...

Make your office space your own this season with our new and stylish range of lighting, furniture and accessories.

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Personalise your office space with all the essentials you'll need at George.com
Our range of statement cushions are a great way to revamp your space at George.com


finishing touches...

Show your rooms some love with our latest range of curtains, rugs and more.

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Create a space of serenity by working pieces from our Glacier collection into your home at George.com


Welcome in a cool, fresh atmosphere and create a space of serenity with the Glacier range. Inspired by the trickling lakes and icy mountains in Norway, fill your rooms with mauve and blue hues that will invigorate your home.

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Time Out

Revitalise your surroundings with splashes of cool mint, soft greys and pops of copper with the Time Out range. Modern in style, this collection will bring a wave of vitality to both bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Revitalise your surroundings with our wide range of pillows, accessories and more from our Time Out range at George.com
Transform your home into a woodland retreat with accessories from our Woodshed collection at George.com


Bring an essence of nature and good old country charm into your home with the Woodland collection. Consisting of earthy tones, burnt oranges, reds and yellows, this rustic collection will transform your space into a peaceful hideaway.

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Enchanted Forest

Bring fantasy to life and tell your own story with the magical Enchanted Forest collection. Made up of fairies and mythical creatures and designed with tones of deep greens and browns, this range takes inspiration from decades of styling with a modern and dark twist.

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Switch up the look of your surroundings this season with our magical Enchanted Forest range at George.com
Bring a whirl of colour using cushions, accessories and bedding with the Fete collection at George.com


Inspired by Southwest culture, the Fete collection offers a whirl of colour, pattern and embroidery. Designed with tropical oranges, pinks and teals, this range will brighten and liven up your home.


Create a balmy summer’s afternoon setting in the comfort of your own home with the gorgeous Blush collection. For a look that’s all in the detail, this range draws on delicate styling using elegant dusky pinks, rose golds and cool greys and silvers.

For a look that's all in the detail, our Blush collection will add a delicate touch to your home styling this season at George.com