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Pancake Day

Don’t forget, Tuesday the 16th of February is Pancake Day. This is the last day of feasting before the fasting period of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. We’ve put together a few pancake themed hint, tips and ideas for you to enjoy!

The essentials…

Most importantly, don’t let your pancakes fall flat this year - make sure you have the right ingredients and equipment.

Ingredients: Flour, eggs, butter and milk. Equipment: Frying pan, measuring jug, mixing bowl, whisk and scales
Non Stick Frying Pan Salter 5kg Mechanical Scales Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Mixer
Get the gang together and celebrate…

Get together with your family and friends and have a pancake party! Everyone has to bring a different ingredient to go with the pancakes, chocolate sauce, lemon and sugar, fruit, whatever you fancy!

Get the kids involved - pancakes are fun and simple to make.

Really get into the swing of things and take part in a holding pancake race. Held in villages and towns all over the country, contestants race to the finish line, carrying a frying pan, flipping a pancake – first one to cross the finish line wins. Have your own pancake contest at home, first pancake on the floor is the flipping loser.

Some yummy pancake ideas…A pancake with lemon and sugar is simple yet irresistible but why not explore some different ingredients?

You can go all European with savoury crepe style pancakes, just add some ham and cheese. Or if you’ve got a sweet tooth, try some fresh berries and ice cream. And, for those of you who just can’t get enough make pancake your main dish and dessert.

Pancakes go worldwide!

Take a look at our pancake recipes from around the world.

India – create some exotic pancakes! Made using cayenne pepper, mung beans and fresh ginger, these are savoury with a twist.

Netherlands – ‘Flensjes’, usually made with apples, these are crepe cakes that are served cut into wedges.

Russia – A small and thick pancake called the ‘Blini’, goes well with sour cream and caviar if you’re looking for luxury!

America – Over the pond the Americans like there pancakes thick and sweet. Usually served with maple syrup, butter and apparently great with bacon!

Build on your Pancake knowledge…there is a lot to learn about this simple dish! Pancake Day, Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday (as it’s more traditionally known) is all about a day of feast before the fasting period of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

‘Fat Tuesday’ in French is ‘Mardi Gras’, also commonly known as the ‘Carnival Season’. In some countries this is one or two days, in various countries across Europe the ‘Mardi Gras’ is celebrated as a whole period.

Pancakes a long time ago used to be served with stew, this is still done today but not as common.

Pancakes have been a tradition for many years, in many countries. Try and find some old recipes, or better still ask your grandparents what their favourite pancake recipe is.

Finally, Happy Pancake Day from Asda Direct!