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LEGO Technic Moto Cross Bike - 42007
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LEGO Technic Moto Cross Bike - 42007

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    Product Details


    Tear up the trails on the awesome Moto Cross Bike! This tough-as-dirt LEGO Technic 2-wheeler has lots of authentic features, like chain-drive, working pistons, front and rear suspension and knobby tires. This cool 2-in-1 model is just like the real thing!

    Rebuilds into a racing Speedway Motorbike with front suspension, rear suspension and engine with moving pistons.

    Full Specification

    Character Technic
    Formats Toys
    • Toy
    Dimensions 35.4 x 19.1 x 5.9 cm
    Gender Boys
    Material Plastic
    Minimum Age 9+ Years
    Model Number 42007
    Product Type Building Blocks
    Type Building Blocks
    Brand LEGO
    Rated 4.4 out of 5 by 10 reviewers.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Why are you reading this? Go buy it!! This is a super awesome and amazing lego technic set!! I unfortunetley had missed out on the green motorcross bike (mo-mo-cycle as my friend says,) from 2008, and to my luck the lego group thankfuly came out with one in my favorite color, orange!!!! okay, now waht you get in the set, ONE super strong spring! TWO brand new tires both the rim and rubber part ONE twine v- engine TWO big long springs SIX orange panels (all with thier own stickers) well, thats all i have to say pretty much, bye!!!!! 23 January 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by pretty neat bike This bike is a nice set. The KTM colour scheme is sharp looking! I find the wheels/tires to be too large for the scale of the bike. The handle bars a bit too low, and the front fender looks a bit disproportion to me. The V-twin and gearing is well executed, but if Lego wanted to make this bike more "realistic" it would have been a single cylinder engine. But still a very enjoyable model to build and play with! 02 March 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Pretty Good! The building experience is pretty challenging, the pieces are pretty good and useful, resulting in a sturdy and good looking set. The loose front part bugs a bit, but if you're just gonna have it on display, or have a constraction character to put on, it will pass pretty much unoticed. The exhaust pipe, though, looks quite awkward, because it goes up against another piece. This can be easily fixed, though. 19 June 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Big and functional I got this set from a friend and I was really exited because I have been wanting this set for ages. When I opened the box there was quite a lot of pieces in it and some very interesting looking ones that might help you to make custom creations. When I started building the set I realised that a made a bit of mistakes the first time, but then I got the hang of it. While I was about half way building the set it was really, really BIG, which was a good thing. About 15-20 minutes later I finished the model and it was about 30+ CM long!!! I was really pleased with the functions, Fully front and back suspension and a new type of shock absorber, plus you get two of them!!! I also liked how the steering worked which I think is a new way to steer a bike or motorbike which is nice and unique. The other features were: a chain drive engine which make the V2 piston go up and down and a kick stand. Over all I think the set is very nice and is very detailed. :) Thanks reading 26 November 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Great set! This is a great set! It was one of the first technic sets I got in a while, and with reason! Pros: Great suspension Moving pistons Moving chain Great colour layout Cons: Tires are too big 27 September 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by it's cool its engine running and has new tires. It has a shock absorber that works great and has a lot of working distance. 03 January 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Hey man, cool bike! Is what your friends will be telling you when they see this on your shelf. This is a pretty cool model. It's bigger than I was expecting which was a nice surprise. The tires are awesome, really knobby. The suspension works good, the rear performs a little better than the front I think due to the angle of the forks. I think dual exhaust would have been more fitting for the v-twin motor, but hey, I've never seen a motocross bike with a twin anyways so can't really complain there. The motor IS cool, it's chain driven by the rear wheel. The chain itself, I'm not so sure about. With the right amount of links it's kind of loose, and with one less link it's too tight. It still works fine loose, but it would be better with just a little less slack in it. Good news for anyone with Hero Factory figures! I put my "Bulk" figure on the bike and it fits on there perfect! The color schemes even match. I haven't done the b-model yet mostly because i think a chopper would look kind of silly with offroad tires on it. Looking at the pics, I think it looks good other than the knobby tires. All in all this is a cool bike. It's a pretty easy build, putting the small pieces of the chain together was the most tedious part, but I have big hands. I would definitely recommend it to any bike nut, or any fan of Technic in general. So stop reading this and go buy it! 20 January 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by A Great Technic Bike! Ever since I received the Technic Superbike a few years ago, I have been a massive fan of Lego bikes, picking up a Furno Bike and the Speeda Demon (from Hero Factory) and have loved and customised all the bikes. So when this different style of bike came along, I was excited. It's an off-road Moto Cross bike (the first Technic one Lego have done, I think) and it's extremely good for the money. A common function within Technic sets of this and similar size is a chain linkage, where turning a back wheel causes pistons in the engine to move. This shows the sort of attention to detail that Technic sets display. It's a nice feature, but you probably won't pay that much attention to it. The bike has front and rear suspension which make the bike very springy! The suspension effectively smoothes out any small bumps in it's path and works extremely well (it's not too stiff). I think the display rod that stands the bike up could have been better designed, since at present if you fold it up to use the bike, the end sticks out and looks a bit odd. But that's relatively minor. The bike is very steerable, and with a bit of practice and large enough hands you can 'ride' the bike using one hand, with the palm on the seat and your fingers on the handlebars. I think the bike could have done with two tailpipes as an extra display feature. Of course, like most Technic sets, the bike comes with stickers, but these are large and easy to apply to the plates. The set can be assembled in about half-an-hour, but some aspects of the building can be a bit fiddly. Just a little hint when making the chain link: it's at the required length when you have one chain piece left (this is likely to be a spare). It's not the hardest Technic set to build, but you will need a little patience! And finally, good news for any Hero Factory fans looking to buy this set for their characters to ride on, perhaps, this bike is just the right size for a medium-large (about Furno XL-size) figure to sit on! Overall, an almost faultless Technic bike, whatever your reason for buying it, all at a reasonable price! 16 January 2013
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