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LEGO Chima Gorzan's Gorilla Striker - 70008
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LEGO Chima Gorzan's Gorilla Striker - 70008

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    Product Details


    Stomp through the jungle and rescue G'Loona in Gorzan's Gorilla Striker! Find Rizzo in his raven nest tower and launch the chest-mounted flick missiles! Then fire the shoulder-mounted banana shooter. Watch out for Rizzo's CHI weapons and fruit-slinging catapult! Use the Gorilla Striker's mighty swinging arms to crash down on Rizzo and send him flying!

    Includes 4 minifigures with weapons: Gorzan, Grumlo, G'Loona and Rizzo.

    Full Specification

    Character LEGO Chima
    Formats Toys
    • Toy
    Dimensions 48 x 6.1 x 28.2 cm
    Gender Boys
    Material Plastic
    Minimum Age 8+ Years
    Model Number 70008
    Product Type Building Blocks
    Type Building Blocks
    Brand LEGO
    Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 6 reviewers.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by The best Chima set there is! I can't get over how great this set is! it is easily the best vehicle in the entire Legends of Chima line because it is extremely well designed, has a complex build and is so playable! I love the shoulder-mounted banana cannon! The raven base is pretty nice too. The minifigures are simply amazing. They have wonderful printing with excellent attention to detail. I think the gorillas are my new favourite Chima tribe! Honestly, they could not have done a better job on this set. Pro's Everything Con's Nothing!! 06 August 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Great set! this has to be one of the greatest Chima sets of all time. it has all the factors you look for when choosing a set. its sturdy, functional, bigger than expected, and it looks very cool. this set has all pros and no cons. i would recommend this set to a friend, especially if they never collected a Chima set. this set really says wow! 02 August 2013
    Rated 4 out of 5 by Why is Gorzan sitting on top of his mech? A wonderfully looking set I just cant figure out why whoever designed the set has left Gorzan sitting on top of the striker rather than inside his cockpit within the chassis of the mech as depicted in the Chima TV series. Besides so this set looks good nearly everywhere. 21 May 2014
    Rated 5 out of 5 by A Must Have For Any Chima or Lego Fan! Every so often Lego releases an absolutely amazing set that is great value, superb design, and amazing an unexpectedly amazing price. Gorzan's Gorilla Striker is just that set. As the previous reviewers have already stated, this set has no cons. If you really wanted to be picky you could say another figure would be nice, but given the price of the larger sets and amount of figures this one is decent value. The set is 505 pieces right around 10 cents per piece ratio which seems to be becoming more and more scarce as the price for Lego seems keep going up. You get four figures 3 from the Gorilla tribe which as of now is the only set you'll find them in aside from one Speedor set. You get a lot of cool accessories including metallic fists, war hammers and chi weapons. The Gorilla Striker itself is not only fun to build but also pretty challenging . It has a lot of action features that kids are going to love. I love it, and I'm almost 30! There are a ton of flick fire missiles that now are easier to use with the new design, one of those spring loaded cannons that fire so well, and a swinging arm feature that makes the mech itself more Gorilla like. A lot of extra details were added to it to make it's amazing design. It's also very sturdy, which is good as nothing is more frustrating than a set that keeps falling apart when you play with it over and over again. It also stands up well and has a lot of mandible parts that you usually don't expect. I'd go one to say that aside from some of The Galaxy Force Mech designs probably the best mech Lego has ever designed. The Raven Nest Tower is a nice addition and I like the action feature it has. Perhaps the only complaint I have is the dinky catapult that's really "ehhh". I don't like the smaller catapult designs but it's a very minor gripe. The unique coloring of the leaves and pieces would make a wonderful addition to any MOC or creation a Lego fan can imagine. This is what I expect from Lego: Value, good playability, lots of action features, and a sturdy well designed set. Please take note Lego, this is what we especially the older generation expect from a brand as iconic as Lego. Keep up the good work! Pros: 4 Figures (2 Exclusive to this set) Lots of Accessories Unique Colors and Pieces Lots of action features Study Construction Complex but enjoyable build Amazing Design Excellent Price Per Piece Ratio .......nuff said, Buy it, you won't be disappointed! 15 August 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this is one of the most expensive CHIMA vehicular sets, but it's expensive for a reason. This set is really really big. It's almost three times bigger than the two other chima sets that I have. I'll start with the minifigures. Rizzo is a classic raven figure. his legs are cool, reminiscent (exactly the same) of mad-eye moody from lego harry potter. His head is nice, and the detailing on his inner head of a metal eye extends to his outer head, his gun is cool looking, and I was able to fashion a nice axe with some leftover pieces for his other hand. I love gorillas, but I really really liked the three gorillas. G'loona is awesome. She (I think) has really awesome expressions that are really cute. Her big gorilla fists are really awesome, and I don't think I'm ever going to be able to look at her again without them. They are totally awesome. Grumlo has a great expression as well, and I like how each gorilla is a different colour. I liked her new brown armor as well. Her hammer is great, and I like it because it's more sturdy than any LEGO hammer I've seen yet and works with gorillas really well. Gorzan has the same hammer as Grumlo, and his face is always yelling. He fits well in the mech. He is all black, with cool details. Once more he has brown armor. Rizzo's outpost is really cool, but it has it's flaws. the catapult for one is a bit too small for the things that he fires, and also when you try to push the raven thingy from the outpost you have to hold the base or the entire outpost will flip over. Barring that, it looked great and the raven thingy looked cool as well. The Gorilla striker is of course the main part of the set and I must say didn't disappoint. It looked great in black, brown, and blue and had amazing design. While I'm not a huge fan of stickers, they really brighten it up and make it look better. It is also very sturdy with massive shoulders. The banana shooter is great. It actually looks like the bananas are fed into the shooter and fired out from it's positioning. It doesn't interfere with Gorzan while he sits there either. On that note, Gorzan fits well in the top of the mech, and doesn't fall out easily. onto the flick-fire missiles. These are uncovered by lifting down the chest, and it reveals the chi as well as all six missiles, which I must say work a lot better than flick-fires normally do. You can also lift down just a portion of the chest which only reveals two missiles but leaves a greater portion of the gorilla looking like a gorilla. The arms are the main function of the set. You can swing them around with massive force (enough to send the raven thingy flying) and while this often overbalances it, this is okay because it's sturdy. My one quip with the arms is that you can't move them individually while not swinging beyond some joint rotation, but that doesn't really matter because you can add quite a few poses with just the two joints in the arm. The hands are really great. They can firmly grasp a raven in each hand easily and still look great. They are definitely my favourite part of the set. Overall, the arms are totally amazing. When you think about it, fifty dollars really isn't much for this awesome set. I liked it more than many doubly more expensive sets that I have. I think that you should definitely get this set if you get no other chima set, and even if you aren't interested in chima you should get it as well. I really really really hope that LEGO makes more chima mechs, because this is their best set yet! 27 August 2013
    Rated 5 out of 5 by Great item Brought for my son to add to his collection was on a offer so a lot cheaper my son loves it and its a good solid bit of lego that quite impressive ... It takes a while to build bout hour and half 21 April 2014
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