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How to receive Colleague Discount

Just follow these easy to steps to apply your colleague discount to your order:

1. On the payment screen select 'Apply an e-voucher', adding the code "ASDA". Click 'VALIDATE' to open the colleage discount screen.

eVoucher section

2. In the pop-up window enter your Walmart number & discount card number.and click 'Submit your Details'.

You can also choose to save your Colleague Discount details to your account by ticking the relevant box.

Enter your card details

3. You'll see a message notifying you if the discount has been applied. Alternatively you'll be advised if you need to re-enter your details.

Discount confirmation

4. Once the discount has been applied you'll see this note in the basket summary on the right of the checkout screen: 'ASDA Colleague discount has been applied to the total below'

5. If you are having difficulties validating your details please contact our Contact Centre on 0800 952 0101.